What Foods Should I Avoid Eating During Pregnancy?

 August 21, 2018   2 Comments

During pregnancy, choosing healthy foods that are beneficial to both mother and child could be difficult. What with new, processed products, self-proclaimed health products, and ever changing trends, it could be challenging to keep up with ever-changing trends. If there’s one thing to remember, it’s this one word fiber.

Fiber is essential to the growing fetus, as it helps with the development of major organs, is easily digestible for the mother, and is easy to find in general products. Aside from fiber, there should be other products you’re aware of as well. Calcium and vitamins are extremely important. For women whom some food doesn’t sit well, consider drinking larger than normal quantities of orange juice, and if appetizing, milk, to get a quick boost of calcium, protein, and other key nutrients.

 One thing many women do not think of is cheese. Unpasteurized, imported soft cheese can contain listeria, which could potentially be very harmful to a pregnancy. Always look for a “made with pasteurized” milk label on any cheese you buy.

Overall, remember that a healthy, well-balanced diet will go a long way. Do not radically change any eating habits you normally had, and be sure to stay away from alcohol, tobacco, or any narcotics. Should you have any other questions, my office is happy to provide consultations and help regarding healthy habits during pregnancies, check ups, and more. To schedule an appointment, click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top right of the screen.

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