Marketer, environmentalist, and academic. Leader in Brand Planning, Communications and Media. Author of An Introduction to African Youth.

“Dr. Ikawa’s book on the African youth is an exciting and eye-opening study for anyone interested in the modern Africa. From Kenya to Congo, from Zambia to Mali– the book shows how diverse and complex is the world of the African youth.”



A look at different web pages on Google scholar shows that most research material that is available on African youth is largely related to their sexuality and HIV/AIDS. Most of the narrative seems centered on condom and contraceptive use. This is hardly a description of the African youth. And it is hardly an inspiring one.
Over the last fifteen years, I have travelled across Africa wearing different hats. Initially I was a quantitative market analyst; later I was in the development industry; and, finally, in the last decade, I have been in the telecommunications industry. I have visited many towns and rural areas in Africa. I have met many great people, including over wine and stewed impala in Libreville, “poulet bicyclette” in Ouagadougou, and Banku with fish in Tamale.
My book, An Introduction to African Youth, is not a motivational book, but it challenges the widely held notion that there is nothing more to Africa than poverty and disease. I want to communicate to marketers, policy makers, and agents of social change what my experience and research has taught me: Africa is a place of possibility; Africa is talented and entrepreneurial; Africa is the future.

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