Vision Pro Lighting is a top-level professional lighting manufacturer that offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products separated into three categories: entertainment lighting, theatrical lighting and architectural lighting. Vision offers wash lights, LED pars & bars, follow spots, projectors, DJ effects, Lasers amongst other lights and screens.

The team at Vision work thoroughly with their clients and constantly research the latest technological advances in order to ensure their products exceed market needs.

Vision products have been installed, indoor and outdoor, around the world and across a multitude of industries, for temporary and permanent installations.

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BenefitS of Working with Vision


Quality Products

Vision products offer a wide range of high-quality professional lighting products fulfilling clients’ needs. Every product is meticulously manufactured, assembled and tested ensuring buyer satisfaction.

Committed after sales support

The team at vision work closely with clients guaranteeing all post purchase questions are answered and all methods of use explained, promising in turn that clients get the best use out of their product.

Wide Range

Vision has a variety of lighting and LED screen choices catering to the needs of all industries. Whether you’re looking to light up an indoor or outdoor space, temporarily or permanently, Vision has the right solution to cater to your every need.

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