What Patients Say About Dr. David Afram

We’re proud of the way we treat our patients at Capital Women’s Care Virginia

Amazing staff and doctor!! Couldn’t have done it without them! So accommodating, caring, and knowledgeable!!! Worth the wait!!!!!!! I would recommend Mordern Care to anyone expecting!!

Ashley Bird

He is a great doctor he makes sure you have the right care.His nurses and staff is friendly,kind, & helpful they all was great.I would recommend him to anyone that’s who I’ll be keep seeing.

Debra Kay Evans

He is an awesome doctor I had to have a biospy today Dr. Afram done it he was SOO nice explained every move he made told me when he started to finish didn’t take but a minute he was great only hurt for a second or SOO and I was crying and had a panic attack and he let my BESITE Kristi Nelson Patrick come in the room with me I’d recommend him to anyone that needs a Obgyn love Afram very very much!!! Awesome doctor!!

Renee Tomblin

He delivered my Sophie. I had two miscarriages and had given up when I got surprised with my 3rd pregnancy.I will forever be greatful the care he gave me and my baby girl.He was very thorough, understanding and respectable.I had saw another Dr for the first few weeks and kept spotting & I belive with everything in me Dr. Afram & God saved my baby girl. She will be 1 next month and has changed my life in so many awesome ways. Thank you Dr. Afram.

Brandey sargent

I think he’s a wonderful doctor & I would recommend him to anyone! He delivered my grandbaby on 8-11-16 & he was great! Now I’m waiting for him to do a hysterectomy on me!

joni belcher

I loved him! He truly cared about me and my son! I will defiantly be going back whenever I have another baby! I highly recommend him to everyone.

Tabittha Williamson